At First American Property and Casualty Insurance Group, we understand that your house is not just your home...It’s your life. That's why we offer competitive packages and home insurance that covers the repairs to your home as well as your belongings inside. With Enhancement Plus, Eagle Premier, and Eagle Platinum, you can increase the coverage on your home from 25% above replacement cost to guaranteed replacement cost if your home qualifies.

We know that every home is different, and First American provides coverages that are tailored to your needs so that you, your family, and your home are protected for the right price.

Coverage options and packages are not available in all states. Eagle Platinum only available on high-value homes in CA.

Landlord/Rental Property

Managing your rental property can be challenging, but protecting your investment and source of income should not be. When disaster strikes, your property could be damaged and your income threatened.

With First American landlord insurance, you will have protection for any physical damage to the structure of the property caused by fire, lightning, wind, hail, ice, or any other covered event. Our policy offers coverage for any personal property you may leave in the property for maintenance or tenant use, such as appliances or lawn tools.

A landlord insurance policy also provides liability coverage in the event a tenant or one of their guests is injured on the property. Coverage includes legal fees due to injury claims and medical expenses.

Protecting your income is the smart thing to do, and your policy will also cover loss of income if the house is damaged or uninhabitable. Let First American cover your investment property today.


A condo offers a combination of affordable ownership, flexibility, and minimal maintenance. Upkeep such as roof repair and lawn care are covered by your homeowner's association, but the inside of your unit and your personal property are not.

A First American Property and Casualty Insurance Group condo policy protects you if your unit is damaged by a covered loss. Your policy covers additions, alterations, and improvements in the unit you reside, property you are responsible for through your condo association agreement, other structures such as a shed or garage and living expenses if you are unable to stay in your condo due to a covered loss.

You also have personal liability coverage in the event bodily injury is caused by you, a family member living in your home, or your pets. Coverage also includes lawsuits filed against you for covered damages, accidental damage you cause to someone’s property, or covered losses assessed by your condo association to each owner. Let First American protect you, your personal property, and more importantly, your family and friends.

Personal Umbrella

You don’t have to own a million dollar home or be a celebrity to be sued like you are. For all of us, the thought of a multi-million dollar lawsuit is horrifying. If you are involved in a serious auto accident with life threatening injuries, and you are sued for $1 million, you are responsible for the amount over the maximum limit on your auto policy. If your limit is $300,000, you may be responsible for $700,000.

In today’s sue-happy culture, the scenario mentioned above is a possibility if you are at fault in a major auto accident or someone is injured on your property. With First American’s personal umbrella policy (PUP), you will have liability coverage over and above the maximum limit on your auto insurance or homeowners insurance policy.

A personal umbrella policy kicks in when you have reached the underlying liability limits on your auto or home policy. Based on the example above, if you have a $1 million PUP, and your maximum liability limit on your auto policy is $300,000, your PUP policy would cover the remaining $700,000 above your auto liability coverage limit.

Contact your California agent or broker for a First American personal umbrella policy today.


Your apartment community or landlord has insurance, but it only covers the building, not your personal property or liability for any accidents inside your unit. If your property is stolen during a break-in, destroyed during a fire, or someone is injured during an accident in your home, First American renters insurance can protect you.

Whether you rent an apartment or a house, for less than $1 a day, a First American renters policy can provide you with the opportunity to recover the value of your property or protect you in a liability lawsuit. Contact your agent or broker for a free renters insurance quote today.